Monday, August 08, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing

Unemployed Y2K alarmists may be on the brink of another 15 seconds in the limelight.

My recurring gripe about the way the media routinely tries to make alarmist news out of nothing has been triggered yet again.

A headline on page 11 of my local paper today shouts, "Technology worries over time change: Earlier start to daylight time could pose problems." Then about 25 column inches are devoted to trying to whip up concern about the dire technological consequences that may flow after President Bush signs new US energy bill adjusting the starting and ending dates for Daylight Saving Time.

Despite the bold headline the Associated Press article by Anick Jesdanun really fizzles. The five industry and technical sources quoted all fail to substantiate the headline. The bottom line is that come 2007 some poor souls who fail to manually reset their VCRs may, as a consequence, miss an episode of their favourite soap opera that they hoped to tape while they were out playing bingo. Big deal!

(This AP article was carried in the August 8th. issue of the Hamilton Spectator.)

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